Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bangladeshi police arrests 50-Rohingya in two days

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi police arrested over fifty Rohingyas from different localities on May 13-15 and sent to jail, said a local from the locality.

“The police of Chandanach police raided and arrested them from the Bottali area under the Chittagong zone.”

On May 13, police arrested thirty-five Rohingya from working places and houses where they live without documents of Bangladesh. The next day, over fifteen Rohingyas were also arrested by police, official said.

According to sources, among the arrestees, some lived with family members and others lived without families.

However, police has filed case against them in Chandanach police station and sent to jail yesterday.

My husband was arrested by police who serve us - three children and me- working as a daily labor. I don’t know how to survive of this family without him. I have no money to follow his case, said a woman from said area.

Some arrestees have been identified as Saber (18) Yunus (27), Ahesan (22), Yasin Arfat (22), Ismail (25), Jalal Hussain (37),Rafique (22),Yasin (18), Taher (22), Anayet Ullah (22), Sadek (23), Zahed Hussain (21), Nurul Hakim (24), Ali Ahamed (39), Md. Ayas (20), Hasan (21), Shahidul Islam (33), Abu Toyub (19), Reduwan (18), Idris (21), Md. Alam (20), Hafez Ahmed (19), Abdur Rhaman (20), and etc. They are belonging to different areas of Maungdaw-Buthidaung townships, Arakan State, Burma .

They crossed Burma-Bangladesh border because of persecution, movement restriction, forced labor, marriage restriction, arbitrarily arrest, jobless and human right abuses by military junta.

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