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Rohingya Muslim brothers who were lost.

by...Shakir Rangsikul.

R is the same as that of Rohan. Located northwest of the coastal areas of Myanmar in the Bay of Bengal to 360 miles from the border with Bangladesh inthe 167 miles by land and sea.
For the Rohingya are living in the array is a long time and can not be said that the Rohingya live in this land for another one and it is not possible to tell, for example. with people living in Thailand have been when it was clear that the Rohingya, the culture and civilization of their own with the expectation that the former Bush Raleigh's Rohingya are from Moore. PathanMongol and Bengali in the early settlement of Muslims in the same time back in the 7th century, ethnic groups in Burma is the numours and more than 60% are the habitat of the group. More than 140 ethnic and ethnic Rohingya is includedas one of them. For Burma has a population of about 50 million people areMuslim, about 8 million people, about 3.5 million people Rohingya (bothdomestic and international refugees) for the Rohingya are a minority in the state in the well. The t.
Ground in Myanmar.

Clearance from the murderous and pushing the Rohingya.Pang said his dozentreaties that Aung San was committed by a minority is on 7 Feb 1947 a meetingof representatives of various ethnic groups, with thousands of city life Iwant. San. Presided over the meeting. The meeting has approved the variousethnic groups in Burma together in unison before. To express solidarity to theBritish. When independence from England. Will live together for another 10years to join forces to establish the existence of every nation to be strongbefore departing to the independence of the following agreement has beensigned, commonly known as "the life I". on 12 Feb 1947 to 19 July1947 Colonel leader Aung San negotiated Burma's ethnic minorities. Theagreement with the minority. The latter include national independence, wasassassinated 10 years later on September 25, 1957, Prime Minister U Nu of Burma.Invited, including the Thai ethnic Kachin and Chin, Karen, Mon and Rakhine tothe meeting with each other. With full reception. Burned on 26 September 1957at three radio Myanmar announced the revolt of General Ne Win, representativesof minority groups were all present at the meeting. I stepped on it.(Representing a group of students to independent Shan State), who condemned hiscourage and support that is Pracarm break one's word At the meeting, was shotdead. Followed by the Burmese radio said. The step I have to fight andresisting arrest. The Burmese Tiger tricked out of the cave. The killing has tosuffer for the minority of any since then. Burma has never been peaceful. Thereis always a problem with minorities. Even Rakhine. Which he does not leavepeople behind.Burma is one of the factors that make it so that the Rohingyalack the powerful is the capital of the Rohingya that is not drug traffickingto the economic base of their own, as some states have. Doing so causes theweakness of the oppressed Rohingya people to be willing to run out of Burma, anation of immigrants, these are distributed in many areas.
Living in Burma, which was approximately 2 million residents.
Living in the United States, about six hundred thousand people.
I live in Pakistan, about 3.5 people.
Living in Saudi Arabia, about four hundred people.
Other (Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates), about a hundred people.
A. The occupation.
The Rohingya are a career in agriculture is more than that, there is a fishing,trade and private business. There is also a skilled carpenter, blacksmith,because of discrimination against the Rohingya, the people of Rohingya is aland and housing land to be learned by the anchor, and people. the non-Muslimgroups, which are outside the state to encourage residents in the territory ofthe Rohingya people Rohingya to drive them out of this land. To the pressurewith a high tax rate. Forced labor and exploitation. Farming areas of thestate. The Rohingya people are limited to a career in agriculture which is themain occupation of the Rohingya. Therefore, the Rohingya are compelled toabandon the land of their due from their lower standard of living and thehunger is the number of traders and business people Rohingya less well. They donot have the freedom to trade and business, sometimes the Rohingya to sharewith the people outside to outside, not the Rohingya Muslim majority withoutinvesting anything, and government troops. The right to freedom of movement ofthe Rohingya in their own country to make a serious impact on social, economic,cultural and educational life of the Rohingya as the Rohingya. not limited tothe welfare and activities. In Myanmar, the force to move out of the area bythe Burmese in 1982 (Burma Citizenship Law) require permission from themilitary to leave the area. And pay it out of the area. It has a very lowstatus. Because they can not find a job or trade. Pol Pot was not a violationof the right to citizenship. Do not marry without the permission of the Burmeseregime. And in the survival only of the Rohingya is that family members who areworking abroad send money back to families in the same, but a lot of peoplefind it so, not because of the country. The risks are high as well, and thereis no guarantee that the lives of the Rohingya, the risk of their home.
Two. Religion, culture and civilization. Of the Rohingya.
The Rohingya are a faith deeply rooted in Islam, we always see the hair of menand women wearing the hijab. It's interesting that the well-being of theHousehold, we will see that the house of the Rohingya, after all, it issurrounded by high walls of bamboo. We will not be absorbed to the Islamic wayof life because they are the mosques and religious schools in every area of​​the Rohingya people. Those men are to pray outside the house (mosque) is theying to pray at home. The topic of the social existence in the village ofRohingya it was called. SAMAJ (do not just place something to ask his RohingyaT) in all major activities such as distributing meat in Lee Co. Al May I helpthe poor mare's orphans wedding ceremony. associated with death (Mai Ji) and isadministered by SAMAJ for the communications industry in the North he was veryactive in holding the family, the Shari Ahmad and it is a worry because theMuslims have to face the law. pressure from the state hard. Clearance from themosque. An assimilation by the Rakhine Buddhist villagers from theassimilation. Cultural and religious issues are the Rohingya people are facing.As well as to the Rohingya in Shanghai at the Qi in all directions, with thethreat. The Rohingya are from Myanmar, was that a foreigner can not be seen asBurma because of their religion or ethnicity. In my mind, something that willmeet all the original elements are not separate religion and ethnicity. Thecountries in Southeast Asia, it without looking at the figures of ethnic originor religion, but if you look at what they have in the state, national origin ornot. It can be traced back to draw more countries into ethnic and religious isnot possible, then the problem is that if the annexation of the territory in astate that was admitted in a territory that is not acceptable to the people ofSouth Park is. Drug Administration, the country's independence.
Three. In the Study of the Rohingya.
Before the revolutionary seizure of power by the military government of MuslimRohingya have been left behind in Burma and other Buddhist brothers. Theproblem with that. International pressure on the yoke.The university is aserious limitation of the study is to determine the students have questionsabout the national press. Private institutions and missionary Girls actor'slack of support during the course date. For the Rohingya people, most of whichare outside the country have little or not enough to send their children tofinish their education.
Four. Political status of the Rohingya.
Prior to the seizure of power by the military in 1962, the Rohingya arerecognized as indigenous people of Burma are the Rohingya people in theappointed representative m to the Minister. Secretary to Parliament, and in ahigher position in Congress, but after the military seized power and politicalrights of the Rohingya, but was not limited by the law of nationality in 1982,it was announced that the Rohingya people, foreign and Internet. nationality, adeclaration that conflicts with the government before that, and the Rohingyawould not be allowed to go in the multi-party, held in 1990, as of now, theRohingya have living conditions that are acceptable. Yue and status as a humanon this planet. He declared that a group of people that need to be removed!
Five. Government policy towards the Muslim army in Burma.
Myanmar has a limit or stop the flow of an Islamic Center or Islamic religioussupport in Myanmar variety of ways. Whether it is the mosque located in thearray and the genocides the Rohingya by various means, such as digging a holeand shot his Muslim Rohingya or forced into the caves to the air. respiratorydeath. This is how torture.I managed to become a Muslim minority in the well.
6. The crimes against the Rohingya and the current situation.
Arbitrary arrest. Rohingya people practice torture. The assassination of the Rohingya. It isbecoming more and more aggressive. Slavery and forced labor incessantly. To theland of the Rohingya. Driven out of home care and replace it with personsoutside as well as repel the people of Rohingya Moreover, the demolition ofmosques and religious schools were built, and JD conducted the. Buddhism,instead, to change the view that the Sun is a state free from the influence ofIslam.
The many sex crimes against women and rape Muslim women forced to marry aBuddhist. Or even with birth control methods, including laws restrictingmarriage between people of Rohingya Married couples must pay the amount of theRohingya people can not find it.
Economic activity in the social culture of the Rohingya people were restrictedto the removal of citizenship rights, education, advanced career was withdrawncompletely. The taxation of agricultural and livestock cruelly Exile is aresident of the area resulting in refugees and refugees in neighboringcountries, they need to.
Seven. The evacuation of refugees.
As a result of the removal of mud, digging the roots of the military governmentby means of various genocides and massacres. The resulting influx of refugeesinto neighboring countries with a track record of the influx into the UnitedStates, once in 1978 and again in 1991-1992, but the other children ofimmigrants who pass through it. The Rohingya have estimated that 1.5 millionpeople were expelled from the Sun since 1948.
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