Saturday, July 7, 2012

Help the Arakan Muslims as soon as possible


We all should understand the real situation what happening today inside Arakan is completely unbelievable.
Ethnic cleansing on Rohingyas have been continued effectively while world medias and world leaders keep continuing their role but still there is no positive sign have reached for a concrete solution. We all should understand the real situation what happening today inside Arakan is completely unbelievable.

There are some government controlled media in Arakan state and neither independent media allowed there nor can get news by independent media provide you as official news. As long as some secret mobiles and secret net connections are there, we can get actual news from all over Arakan.

But the more we patient the worse news continuously coming in and nobody can be patient there for safe except empty hands for their self-defense. Today Rohingya is worse than animal never ever can be expected that is real and nothing to say more except action either by UN or whatever possible just to rescue Rohingyas from hell fire in Arakan.

I would like to say to remind to all that the situation in Arakan is completely different with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Waiting for more time and answer for each other's response will lose time and may remain empty hands with no result.

Rohingyas have been killing and arresting away to unknown location and till today no single dead body was returned or informed where are they?

The golden land of Arakan, today without food, without medicines and treatment. Without sleep in day or night. No security for all Rohingya except praying from Allah for protection and stop violence. Rohingya as per UN report, total population in Arakan was just 800,000 and till today in one month hundreds of deaths, the destruction of at least 22 villages and nearly 100,000 people being forced out of their homes.

Therefore, we would like to urge the United States, European Union, ASEAN, Australia, Japan, and other countries concerned about human rights in Burma to press the government to allow an independent and thorough investigation of the violence, and to ensure that the basic rights of those detained are respected. They should also call upon the Bangladesh authorities not to return or push back those fleeing violence and to provide them temporary protection.

The Burmese government should demonstrate that the political changes taking place in the country extend to the ethnic areas, and that abuses by local authorities will not be tolerated. This means stopping the violations, holding abusive officials to account, and promptly permitting an independent investigation.

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