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Update Rohingyas situation in Arakan state, myanmar

 Maungdaw township

1 July, about 17:30pm: Hundred of military forces rounded-up the Nurula village and took away about 20 villagers. During the operation, the military entered house to house and damaged every household tolls and dishes and then looted golds and cash, beaten women and kids, The source said that except from side walls everything had been damaged by stamping and pounding with guns.

30 June, Kaladan Press report : One of Na-Sa-Ka forces took away Rohingyans on 16 June, Aklas-22 s/o Sayed Ahmed from Moti Fara of Kawar Bill village, was found dead in the filed near the Zambana out-post Nasaka camp on 28 June.
30 June: Some of about 20 Rohingya villagers of Mingalagyi (Feirumfur) village were released by payment one to three millions Kyat after brutally tortured a week in Na-Sa-Ka custody.
The authority also informed that there will be another raid on coming Friday.

Kyauktaw township
30 June, 10:00am: Four Rohingyans who went for fishing from Nidan village, were surrounded in the middle of Kaladan River by a group of Rakhines and picked them away. A member of Ethnic Rohingya Community-ERC based in Malaysia and who is also relative of the four victims confirmed today that they were not returned nor handed over to authority. The victims are identified as Shakir, Mabu, Ayub and son of Zyabul.

Rakhine people are subsequently entered into the Rohingya villages in the present of security forces and chanting to cleans the villages during night.

Sittwe township

Missing report of 4 June: A staff of a French NGO (Artsen Zonder Grenzen-AZG) and former political prisoner- Kyaw Hla Aung (B.A LLB), nominee MP of Rohingya party-NDPHR for Sittwe during 1990, was arrested from Ye Nwe Su (Derum fara) quarter with false charges since 4 June and taken to unknown. It is confirmed that now he is neither in the custody nor prison. But according to Yangon Press International's report the arrest was in the morning of 11 June.
His first term arrest was took placed in a few days before 1990 election in May therefore he was not became MP. He was released in the end of 1997 after serving eight years imprisonment.

Rathedaung Township

Godaung village, NaungPinGyi village and AnaukPrin village from Rathedaung Township are under live threatening situation yet.

1 July 2012: According to local people information from the ground, the above said Muslims villages are still under lives threatening situation. Today, a military unit came to the villages and started harassing the people without any reason regardless of elderly people, pregnant women, and sick villagers and at last children. Totally helpless Muslims people from the Rathedaung Township have been under the situation of totally overall social devastation for nearly two weeks now and the villagers are absolutely hopeless for their survival.

We frustrated people from these villagers have an earnest request to save our lives from this dangerous state’s sponsored mass killing mechanism at this under dark hour operation.

Please help save us our lives before falling any more misfortune by the means of international diplomacy.

Maungdaw Township:

Aklas (22), son of Sayed Ahmed, hailed from Moti Para of Kawar Bill village tract under the Nasaka area No (6), was picked up on June 16 by Nasaka while he was going to another village. He was brought to Zambana out-post Nasaka camp where he was killed. The dead body was found on the field by the villagers on June 28 and was brought to Maungdaw hospital for autopsy. However, on June 29, the dead body was returned to his parents and buried in his village grave yard, according to villagers.

On June 23, six Rohingya villagers from Mongla Gyi of Maungdaw Township were arrested by the Nasaka area No. 6. After arrest, three villagers were released and other three were brought to their Nasaka camp where Md. Noor (20), son of Bodiul Islam was killed in torture, it is learnt. The rest two villagers’ fate is not known.

Besides, another five villagers from Sarforddin village of Nasaka area Number (6) of Maungdaw Township were arrested by Nasaka on June 22 to 26.

They are identified as Osman (25), son of Fazal Ahmed, Yousuf (16), son of Noor Mohamed, Johar (17), son of Mohamed Siddik, Karim Ullah (18), son of Hamid Hussain, Ziaur Rahaman (18), son of Bodi Alam and another one named Habib Ullah (45), son of Nezam of Kyauk Pyin Seik village of Maungdaw Township.

Some Rakhine led by Than Maung Chey attacked Rohingyas in front of Boho Monastery where the security forces are stationed in Maungdaw on June 30. The Rakhine attacked with iron rot to 5 Rohingyas including one female with Rickshaw puller –injured head, backside, hand and legs.

Since, no media is allowed in the trouble zone, there is no way knowing how many villagers had been killed or detained exactly.

Why the latest upshot of ethnic raw nerves centering on a criminal act, but allowed to proliferate as a religious-ethnic reprisal by the majority community under military watch should be handled like “glass with care” approach?

Price of essentials, especially food items is going up alarmingly. Common people are in a very difficult situation. But, price of one thing has down, that is lives of Rohingya people. They are dying like flies on the roads in the hands of army and Nasaka.

Bangladesh has every right to address the problem bilaterally and it necessary internationally. But a hands-on role is missing, said a politician.

No security for Rohingya in Maungdaw

Sunday, 01 July 2012 15:34

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese authority –Nasaka, Hluntin, police and Army- are arresting, torturing and killing innocent Rohingyas without giving any reason in Maungdaw Township since June 8, said an elder from Maungdaw.

19 Rohingyas from Nurullah para of Maungdaw south arrested today by Nasaka personnel without any reason, but, after arresting, the Nasaka personnel asked the name of arrestee Rohingya and write down on their note book then said your name was on the list. The Nasaka asked huge money for release, said a villager from Nurullah village.

Shukur son of Sultan and Rashid son of Jalal from Sawmonapara of Myothu Gyi, Maungdaw were arrested today by Nasaka from three miles gate. The village admin officer said there will be more arrest from this village.The villagers are poor and daily labors, but the officer from three miles gate want money from this village with false allegation of so called list – the person who participant in the march for praying on June 8.

Nur Kabir from ward number 5 was beaten and become seriously injure by Hluntin and Rakhine at Maungdaw Cinema hall yesterday at the evening. When Rohingya from ward number 5 informed to army officer about the event, then the army officer with along Hluntin chief and police chief arrived to the spot and save the Rohingya –Kabir. The officers take actions against the Hluntin personnel. The resident from Maungdaw learned that the high ranking officers have no information about harassing the Rohingya community in the field.

Aung Kyaw Than, the police officer from Maungdaw, arrested Johar son of Azizul Haque –an owner of motor parts shop- on June 29 without any reason. The officer bought a battery for police van and told to send it to police station where he was locked up in the police custody. The next day, the police officer asked 5 million kyats for released.

The police officers –Aung Kyaw Than, Tin Aye, Htun Htun, Kyaw Aye and Then Tin from Maungdaw police station- are harassing and arresting Rohingya community while the officer met anywhere in the town and extorting money from Rohingya comminty

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