Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rohingya picture news

03 july 2012
Rohingya deaths bodies

 Rakhine security force trying to hide Rohingya deaths bodies

A Rohingya victim alive burnt  by Rakhine racist terrorists gang

A Rohingya victim who burnt and killed by Rakhine racist terrorists gang

Rakhine racist terrorists guys waiting for Rohingya to kill

Rakhine racist terrorist burning Rohingya village

Rakhine racist security force arresting Rohingya male , to kill  a hidden place

A Rakhine racist terrorist with sword  

About (100000) Rohingyas became homeless after burnt their house and villages they need food and home

Rakhine terrorist burning Rohingya village

Rakhine security force in the Rohingya village, to kill Rohingya muslims  

Rakhine terrorists burnt Rohingya village

Rakhine terrorists  women waiting for to kill Rohingya women and children 

  Rakhine security force  joint with Rakhine terrorists to kill Rohingya muslims

Rakhine terrorists burnt Rohingya village

Rohingya muslims fleeing to Bangladesh for save their life

Rohingya villager became homeless after burnt their village in Arakan,myanmar 

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