Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hundreds of Rohingyas seek refugee status in New Delhi


Hundreds of Rohingyas seek refugee status in New DelhiApproximately a number of 500 Myanmar citizens most of them belongs to the Burmese Rohingya community, a Muslim community in Myanmar have placed temporary shelters in concrete surface and has stayed there with their families for about 12 days near the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in New Delhi, India and the most alarming situation is that children and women included.
These refugees had been addressing their major conditions to UNHCR office but they don’t give appropriate action to their current condition. This office plays deaf ears to their claims of being issued refugee cards. It was also reported that UNHCR haven’t reached out for assistance and support the real situation these refugees are in.
According to one refugee Dilwana Begum he described their situation being a refugee that their lives are so difficult. They encountered problems that are hard to endure. He added that in his own country in Bangladesh they were harassed and discriminated being a Muslim while in India they were happy and feel safe and protected.
During their 12 days stay, they had been doing odd jobs and other go begging just to have something for their basic needs such as food and water. Mamoon Rafeeq who is a teacher said that only chosen Myanmar refugees like the Christians and Buddhist were able to avail of the refugee card but not the Rohingya. They feel disappointed and frustrated how they are being treated in this manner.
However, the UNHCR officials say that they discussed the issue with the refugees four to five times, but were not persuaded by their arguments. UNHCR on their side proved that constant discussion with the refugees were done four to five times but they are not convinced by their points of view and opinions. The officials said they will now meet 10 representatives of the community on May 20.
An associate external relations officer of UNHCR declared to IANS that India has no legitimate conditions when it comes to refugees therefore the way to manage and handle them is simply different in all aspects. He further explained that the asylum seekers and the refugee card have the same purpose that is to safeguard and protect their welfare, safety and their rights. On May 20 representatives of the UNHCR will meet and discuss with ten members of the refugee community to set every possible solutions and deal with the obstacles in a very constructive manner.

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