Thursday, June 7, 2012

International Community needs to pressure the Myanmar Government to stop the racial profiling, derogatory name calling and Hate Speeches

June 7, 2012
We wish to record that we all are sad about the recent acceleration of Anti-Muslim activities in Myanmar and especially regarding the Buddhist Terrorists killing of innocent Muslims in Taunggoke.
When we look back the political history of Burma or Myanmar; we could notice that radical hardliners from the majority Burmese would conveniently use the Minority Religious Groups as scapegoats to get out of the political quagmire frequently.
At the present time, whole of Myanmar is dosed with the Petrol of Hatred on Muslims of Myanmar and no wonders any accidental or deliberate flick of fire would detonate this kind of explosive response.
Most of the Burmese and Buddhists from both side of political divide could not hide their feelings of deep seated hatred and antagonism toward all the Muslims in Myanmar.
This is because of the repeated HATE CAMPAIGNS by radical hardliners which is never stopped by the successive Myanmar governments. Even US Department of State had mentioned repeatedly in its Human Rights reports in Burma that the copies of the 120 page long, Anti-Muslim booklet which is titled, ‘We are afraid that our race will disappear’ and “Burmese Citizens Beware!” pamphlets are distributed in most of Myanmar nowadays.
The whole book is written to demonstrate the anti-Muslim sentiment existing in Bamas and the authorities turning a blind eye, although realizing that this had lead to very dangerous and disastrous consequences and the pressure in Bama-boiler is increasing daily and it is ready to explode again.

Myanmar Government needs to stop the derogatory name calling Kala, Kalar Dein, Kalar Muslims, Indians, Bengalis, Mixed blooded Indians, Kalar Ka-pyar, Rohingya illegal migrants etc. on its citizens of Islamic Faith. They are committing the Hate crime by Racial Profiling us. All of us are citizens of Myanmar and we must be accorded equal rights.
We hereby wish to request the Malaysian Government, ASEAN and International Community to educate and pressure the Myanmar Government to stop the racial profiling, using the derogatory name calling, stop all kind of Hate Speeches especially the ‘We are afraid that our race will disappear’ (A Myo Pyauk Hmar Soe Kyauk Par Thee), respect the Human Rights and accord the Equal Rights on all the citizen of Myanmar.

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