Monday, June 4, 2012

Planned Massacre and Early Indication of Mass Genocide in Arakan State of Burma

Ten Burmese Muslims were killed by Rakhine Buddhist extremists in Taung Gote township of Arakan State in Burma on 3rd June, 2012 in the afternoon. The victims were on the bus on their way to former capital Yangon from Thandwe township of Arakan State. The bus was forcibly stopped by about 300 Rakhine Buddhist extremists at La Wa Ka (immigration) gate in Taung Gote township.

The extremists were shouting "come down if any Kalar passenger is there, we want to kill". (Kalar is a derogatory term use by Buddhist to called people of Islamic Faith [Muslims] in Burma that carries the meaning of inferior and subclass).
The bus in-charge woman closed the door while the conductor came down from the bus and apologizing the extremists not to attack any passenger. But they didn't listen to the conductor's pleas and open the door by force to get on the bus.

"Here are Kalars, here are Kalars" they shouted when they found the Muslims on the bus. At the same time many extremists got into the bus and started beating the Muslims. The Muslims were forcefully taken out of bus as they were being beaten. Eight victims were killed right on the spot. Soon the extremists found that the bus conductor was also a Muslim, then they also killed him at same place.

Again the extremists figured out that the bus in-charge woman is also a Muslim. The woman tried to escape by running into back side of the bus but she couldn't. She was caught by them on the bus and they said that they will kill her by raping. They pulled her from her hairs and took her out of the bus. The extremists men took off all of her clothes. Then the extremists women started beat her legs, hands, waist and neck with sticks and the men pushed into her sex organ with sticks. The men also beats her breast. Later she was taken onto the road and beaten with sticks on her neck continuously till she died.

The bus's registration plate number is 7 (Ga) 7868 and it was also burnt. The dead bodies were kept aside off the road and the extremists threw alcohol bottles, urinate and vomit on the dead bodies.

Six victims are from Taung Twin Gyi township of Mandalay Division, two are from Myaung Mya township of Ayeyarwaddy Division and two are from Thandwe township of Arakan State. Eight victims are identified as they were on religious visit to Thitsar Mosque of Thandwe township and the Tachan Pai Mosque in Yangon has visitors record. The remaining two, the conductor and the bus in-charge cannot be identified by names but believed to be from Thandwe township.

The eight victims are:
1. U Ne Pwe, 58 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 095548, Taung Twin Gyi -
2. U Maung Ni, 65 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 095530, Taung Twin Gyi -
3. U Aye Lwin, 52 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 093573, Taung Twin Gyi -
4. U Aung Myint, 50 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 094557, Taung Twin Gyi -
5. Tayzar Myint, 28 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 189815, Taung Twin Gyi -
6. Tin Maung Htwe, 21 years old, NRC No. 8/Ta Ka Ta (N) 231084, Taung Twin Gyi -
7. Aung Bo Bo Kyaw, 21 years old, NRC No. 14/Ma La Na (N) unknown no., Myaung Mya and
8. Zaw Nyi Nyi Htut, 33 years old, 14/Ma La Na (N) 148133, Myaung Mya.

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