Thursday, June 28, 2012

Myanmar Ethnic Rohingyas Human

“Rohingya well-founded fear of persecution and in discriminated operation by Myanmar Junta”

The early Muslims settlement in Arkan since immemorial 7th AD and then spreading to the whole Burma. There are about 137 ethnic nationalities , the second majority being Muslims. According to the Law of The State Constitution, Rohingya is an Ethnic nationality Group. Although Rohingyas are under end-less tyranny in Policies and or indirectly on the races or religion.
Oppression and Suppression;

In 1962, Burmese General U Ne Win seized the power of democratically elected Government of U Nu. Later Ne win Junta Government mounted indiscriminate oppression against ethnic basses, freedom fighter and civilians. Since then particularly and especially his Government systematically persecuted our Ethnic Rohingyas since then we have been facing extermination campaign of the Burmese Junta such as ;
Being our religion is Muslim,we are subjected to religious persecution including destruction of Islamic institution such as … Mosque, Islamic School, Muslim graveyard as well.
Again we, Rohingyas are not being accepted as national and citizen of Myanmar.
We are not allow to go capital City, one town to another town,one village to another, if necessary, we have to apply for Permission which is very difficult even not possible. Airways are specially prohibited for Muslim and the worst are if somebody liked by other way,after designation of family’s census,he/she will needed to obtain by paying step to step for Recommendation of Village Peace and Development Council, Town P D C, and Army, If who live in border lands,needing again Border Immigration and development Headquarter, he/she will make to travel at last that the recommendation of ( Form ( 4 ), Suspect Traveling Permission on A4 side paper within 24 hours or maximum 7 days ) from the Government Immigration and if some one will passed the Recommendation set-date or as in suspect, unfortunately he/she is ready for in arrest.

We are not allowed to get marriage, we have to apply for permission by paying a big amount,which is very difficult to arrange.
We are always forced to be slave labour and our women and girls subjected to wrap by Military Junta, it is nothing for Junta.
The juna Government collects the data of population every year and if a person is not proved to be death and present in the town or village, the person is enlist to be rebel.
The Military Junta is deliberately trying to make all Rohingya stateless.
As well as in 1978, the social Government launched “Operation Nagamin”,particularly on ethnic Rohingyas then forced by conflict and persecution to flee homelands. The Democracy uprising in 1988 provided a gate opportunity for Rohingyas activist. Rohingya participated in the demonstration more for the interest of nation- wide democratic cause; the Rohingyas have paid and continue to pay enormous sacrifices , enduring enormous suffering. There was bloody operation by cops, during 1988, democracy uprising, thousands of Rohingyas were killed, arrested and jailed either, a person of Rohingya who has jailed never been released until die or killed.
After the rebellion, when government pertinaciously needing to celebrate for election in 1990, pro-arrested for who were would take-part and as believe as leadership of Rohingyas in election because Government worry particularly fixed-out during in annihilation to miss. Then arrested again to participators in election.

New rule to deny citizenship of Rohingya;

In later of 1962, Government able to decimate with pension to ex-servants,no acception to Government office staff or other private sectors vacancies,spend less Muslim names at private schools and offices. However State Head Line changed, fruitless for Rohingyas and later of 1992,Government forfeited blue-old-nationality-card ( 5″x 6″ size ) from old nationality card holder Muslims by reason of to renewal red-nationality-card but no issued still yet.
Prohibition to learn Rohingya children to Government Schools or professional carrer Schools, division with rank when Some able children joint at BEHS or BEMS. Some are even passed from self-reliance primary Schools, no chance to learn at University or Institute without nationality card. And no assignment to Rohingya self-reliance School and forbidden any Degree or Diploma for Rohingyas. So such as defection and fugacious of Government,ultimately there are 97% are uneducated-class to day.

Again in 1992, the social Government Launched grand operation,resisting relentless and bloody oppression and destruction from in this inhuman creatures for a long time. Hundred thousands of peace loving rohingyas have perished, been pushed away from Rakhine ( Arkan ) border and stripped of own properties, while other were kidnapped and forced to serve as slave laborers or jailed without changing and never been released and wasted in senseless enslavement.
In fact The Military Government continual refusal to accept the rights of Rohingyas existence as a national race in Myanmar ( Burma ) with declaration of “statelessness” of Rohingyas. The Military Government attitudes of current dealing with the Rohingyas as animal and sub-human.
We supported the fact that ther are no many things to say about the discrimination and oppression against the Rohingyas in Myanmar as its has been well proved fact for a long time ago. The Burmese Junta has been persecuting all Rohingyas for more than four decades based on our ethnic background, racial affiliation, and the faith, the freedom of speech, writing, movement and involvement in politics were banned since 1962. So international inflow increasing causes of 1945, 1962, 1978, 1982, 1988-92,1999,….
The worst situation we faced wasin present military regime that revoked and denied our citizenship thus most of our community has been long stateless wanderers and displace through the World including in Malaysia. We are some time called as “defecto stateless” people.

Current UNHCR Office Operation;

Office trying to embarked on a new overall strategy to Malaysia, where not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention and no legislative in 1967 Protocol relating, and still a view to possible.
Furthermore, detainer protection principles are subjected by principle 39 , “A judicial or other authority decides of Administration shall keep the necessity of detention”.And visiting to detention Camp when concern to Office.
On the annual year,Office collected specially up to 15,000 of others refugees and solution to resettlement, Larger than Rohingys 11,277 prs.

Special appreciation;

In view of above any huminitarian consideration or assistance rendered to the Rohingya is highly appreciate it.
For that matter,we really deserve a very sympathetic and humanitarian consideration by all place loving people and humanitarian Organizations.
Thank You very much


Mr. Zafar Ahmed