Monday, June 25, 2012

World Refugee Day & Rohingyas


Photo: AFP

Every year since 2000 the United Nations observes June 20 as World Refugee Day. On this day UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called upon the world nations to help the refugees. He said - "We must work together to mobilise the political will and leadership to prevent and end the conflicts that trigger refugee flows….Despite budget constraints everywhere, we must not turn away from those in need. Refugees leave because they have no choice. We must choose to help."

When the world is observing World Refugee Day, Bangladesh is encountering a serious refugee pressure from influx of Rohingyas from Myanmar. It may be mentioned here that Bangladesh is already housing more than five lakh Rohingyas who have already become a burden for a poor economy like ours.

I fully agree that refugees deserve humanitarian consideration and treatment. We definitely have sympathy for the Rohingya refugees. But I think the world body should take proper initiative to help Myanmar government solve the Rohingya crisis and take back all the Rohingyas living in Bangladesh as refugees.