Sunday, June 24, 2012

"World`s worst persecuted ethnic Muslim Minority(Rohingya) at risk at home "

In Arakan Rohingyas are the second major ethnic minority. Their existence in Arakan is for centuries. Rohingyas are historically well known as indigenous people of Arakan, Myanmar(Burma). But after seizing of power from a Democratic government by military in 1962, Muslim Rohingyas are being treated as foreigners because the Barbaric military junta alleged that Rohingyas were migrated from Bangladesh(East Pakistan) which is totally baseless and politically motivated allegation. Then their citizenship was refused by introducing Citizenship Act-1982. Since then Rohingyas have been persecuted by the junta and imposed restrictions on only Muslim Rohingys on the freedom of religion, business, government service, travel, education, marriage, construction and renovation of Mosques and religious schools.

Communal Riots

The first Communal Riot between the Buddhist Rakhines and Muslim Rohingyas occurred in 1942 under British rule. By the inciting of Burmen and carelessness of British ruler in Burma occurred 1942 Riot. Actually, it was a Muslim massacre. Thousands of Muslims were killed by Rakhines (Maghs). After 70 years another big and danger Communal Riot occurred on 3rd June,2012 between Rakhines and Rohingyas. This was triggered on 3rd June, 2012 when the ultra racist Rakhines killed 10 Muslim pilgrims in Thandwe, Arakan at presence of police and army ( Narinjara News ). Then on Friday 8th June when Rohingyas in Maungdaw gathered to offer prayer and pray for the salvation of the souls of late 10 Muslim pilgrims , police fired to the crowd in Maungdaw and died one Rohingya on the spot and many wounded. The Rohingyas were instantly enraged and involved in clash with the Rakhines in Maungdaw. The communal clash spread in other areas of Arakan. The Rakhines torched some Muslim villages and some Mosques in Maungdaw and Sittwe(Akyab) with the cooperation of police and paramilitary forces. The Muslim from Akyab were mostly affected by the communal Riot. Al most 17 Rohingya villages in Akyab were burnt in to ashes. The dead figure could be very high. Report of dead and torching of houses is still coming and still occurring Riot in some areas in Arakan.

Now, the Nasaka, border security forces are searching village by village and arresting Rohingyas. They are being looted valuable house holds and gold ornament and money and rape women while raiding Muslim villages. Nasaka Killed some Rohingyas at the time of raiding and demanding millions of money(Kyat) for the release of arrested Rohingyas. Nasaka torturing them in Nasaka camps and some were died with the beating injuries. Police in Maungdaw arrested a lot of Rohingyas and sentenced for 5 to 10 years without proving guilt. To escape arrest and torture many villagers are hiding in jungles and some crossed Naf river to refuge in Bangladesh. But they were pushing back and many Rohingyas are missing while floating on the river and bay of Bengal due to rough weather. Myanmar helicopter fired six boats loaded with Rohingyas while returning from Bangladesh after pushing back and missing 3 boats ( RFA news ). However, it is no doubt that Mynamar military backed government is not sympathizing Rohingyas. Rather trying to exterminate them from the soil of Arakan.

A clarion call and Appeal to the UN, EU,OIC , ASEAN & USA

The current situation of Rohingyas in Arakan is not free from danger and risk. To investigate the reason of the Communal Riot and exact dead figure and burning of houses, an international Inquiry Team in Arakan is most crucial and inevitable. Also Thein Sein government should allow international media to work independently in Riot affected areas. The international community including EU, OIC, ASEAN and UN should take comprehensive measures for the protection of lives and properties of Rohingyas in Arakan. At the same time international community should pressurize Thein Sein government to ensure the safety of Rohingyas and treat them as indigenous people of Araakan. The Riot affected Rohingyas in Arakan instantly need food, medicines and shelter for survival. However, UN is obliged to fulfill their immediate necessities.

Nurul Islam,

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